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health care

industry requires electrical contractors who are not only familiar with delicate multi-million dollar equipment but also trained to protect patients, visitors, and staff from the hazards associated with construction. Gene Ray Electric has extensive experience in working in occupied

Health Care Electrical Contractorsmedical facilities

, as well as new construction. From X-Ray rooms and Linear Accelerators to Cath Labs and MRI suites, central Kentucky

health care facilities

have chosen Gene Ray Electric for over 25 years.

Previous Health Care Electrical Projects:

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At Gene Ray Electric, we provide a wide range of

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from commercial customers. Check out our project spotlight and see what we are up to now.


Electrical Work

Gene Ray Electric is a full service

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providing quality electrical services for commercial, government, health care, institutional, sports lighting and industrial fields.


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Since 1983, Gene Ray Electric has been providing

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to the Hardin County Area. Our team is proud to offer quality electrical service with exceptional safety ratings.